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Portland Twilight Track Meet

Thursday to Saturday, May 11th–13th 2017

***FINAL Schedule (updated 5/11/17)***

Field Events
George Fox University
Thursday/Friday, May 11–12th

12:00pm Heptathlon (100H)
2:00pm Decathlon (100m)

11:00am Javelin M & W
11:00am Shot M & W
11:00am Discus M & W (Hammer to follow)
11:00am High Jump M (Women to follow)
11:00am Decathlon 110H
11:00am Heptathlon Long Jump
12:00pm Pole Vault W (Men to follow)
12:00pm Long Jump M & W (Triple Jump to follow)

*Weigh-Ins 9:30am-12:00pm

Running Events:
Lewis & Clark College
Saturday, May 13th
***Fastest heat first***

3:45pm 400H W
3:55pm 400H M
4:05pm 400 W
4:10pm 400 M
4:15pm 1500m Girls (youth)
4:25pm 1500m Boys (youth)
4:34pm 100m W
4:38pm 100m M
4:45pm 800m W (Heats 3 & 4)
4:55pm 800m M
5:15pm Steeple W
5:30pm Steeple M
5:45pm 1500 W
6:05pm 1500 M
6:35pm 100H W
6:40pm 110H M
6:45pm 200m W
6:50pm 200m M
6:55pm 5000m W
7:15pm 800m W (Heats 1 & 2)
7:25pm 5000m M
8:00pm 10,000m W / M